Freshmen weekend (EJW)

Are you new on campus Proximus? Are you having a hard time getting to know new people? Or are you looking for a fun weekend and the opportunity to make new friends? Then this is the weekend for you! We organise the freshmen weekend for all students on campus Proximus!

What is a freshmen weekend?

This is a weekend filled with awesome activities to get to know your peers. Experience tells us people make friendships that last a lifetime here! This weekend will be an incredible experience. Of course you'll learn to speak a little Dutch during the weekend. We'll get you started on the basic sentences you need to survive Leuven.

What we have in store for you

To introduce you guys to this new world you're about to discover, we chose for a tropical theme. Time to get those flower shirts out of the closet!

Stay up to date!

Go to our Facebook event and put yourself on interested or going. This way you can follow the event and get all the latest updates!

Facebook event

You can also register immediately by using the registration link:

Registration link

Warm, sunny greetings & Hopefully until then!

Team EJW & Prom: Jonas, Michelle & Jana